VOlumens compilation


17 exclusive Audiovisual Tracks by Oscar Mulero, Murcof & Gnomalab, Paul Prudence, Susan Drone, Boris Diivider, Fraction, Lex-Or + Martinovna, Suso Saiz + Sergi Palau, Artificiero + Susan Drone, Log 31, Deathvox + Past, Miclono, Serious Cut, Finalversion3 + Sergi Palau, Otro + Jordi 8lasco, Jheal Bashta + El imaginario Vj, Promising Youngster + El Imaginario.
Plus 31 audio tracks by Francisco López, Barbara Ellison, Novi_sad, CØRE, Güiro meets Russia, Adriana Petit, Favsto, Jackwasfaster, Deeplomat & Dublatov and more. Plus Special Booklet edition.

shipping out on or around May 7, 2021 edition of 300


RESET arises as a wake-up call to the situation all of us are living through. A way of leaving a record of a fateful and paradigmatic moment in history. A backward glance serving as a way to face the future collectively and as a community. A manifestation of creativity and commitment. A reset to the habits and customs that we had internalised.
The challenge was so great that the response would have to be of symbolic, supportive and collective importance, with a strong commitment to back all the creators who have joined us over the years of our festival. The artists’ work is a way of highlighting their creations for future projects, and a recognition of their commitment to the festival and to the quest for a better society.
Many thanks to all the artists involved for their commitment to the festival and their collaboration in accomplishing a new adventure, in a format that we had never borne in mind. In this compilation you will find over 40 tracks that provide a partial glimpse of what Volumens is, but it also represents a legacy of a period we have had to live through.